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PSN Consulting — Engineering & Design Solutions

Our engineers and consultants in Florida, take on residential, commercial, institutional and industrial design projects, including inspections. Work with our experienced engineers with over 50 years of experience. Contact uss today!

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Structural Engineering

We design structural engineering solutions adhering to county codes (e.g. ACI, ASCE, AASHTO, AISC, FBC, IBC)

structure inspections


We offer building inspections by experienced engineers to quickly pinpoint problems.

ProtaStructure Software Suite

We are a certified reseller of ProtaStructure Software Suite in the US, an excellent solution for structural design and drafting in 3D. Contact us via email for pricing quotes, we’ll offer free advice on the best software for structural design.

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Structural Engineering

We offer a variety of solutions in structural engineering, some of these include:

Commercial (such as stripmalls, office buildings, retail department stores, and restaurants), residential, hospitality, educational, industrial and other special structures such as docks, berts, manholes,tilt-up walls, antennas, light poles etc.


Our team has extensive experience in structural inspections:

40-Year Recertification, Special, Threshold, Thermographic, and Forensic inspections.

We strive to reduce your costs with our VE services

Our team evaluates existing designs and improves the structural system to save material costs without risking the safety and integrity of the building.

ProtaStructure Suite

PortaStructure Suite has multiple products for design and drafting of plans for your structures to analyze economic costs and test your software based on a variety of applicable codes and standards.

Our team strives for client satisfaction

We at PSN Consulting, strive for full client satisfaction, quality, precision work.

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